Rental of the Week: Accord Yurt

  |  November 14, 2012

Hey, it’s round, it’s solar-powered, has a composting toilet, a bbq and it’s on a 26-acre horse farm. Were you looking for more than that? There’s a king-sized bed and a pull-out futon couch, so good for two couples, or some parents and a couple of kids.

More from the description: “You will be met by a 4 wheel drive Gator and driven out to the Ger, your “Eco Abode” for the week. We will give you a tour of the wagon on which the solar panels are mounted and in which the inverter is housed. We will show you the geothermal air conditioning system and the utility closet which houses the heating system. We will show you everything the Captain or Captains of this “ship” will need to know to have a comfortable stay.”

It’s a vacation rental, starting at $145/night, or up to $1,800 a month.

Solar-powered yurt, Accord. $145/night. 

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