Rental of the Week: Barrytown Beauty, $1,800/month

The hamlet of Barrytown in Red Hook, Dutchess County, sure is small, but they’re big on great houses. The whole place is situated within the Hudson River Historic District, and one of its most historic properties is the Unification Theological Seminary, founded by, you guessed it, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Take that with you to your next Trivia Night.

Anyway, this eyebrow Victorian rental property is not affiliated to any religion, unless you consider drooling over adorable houses a religion…and we kinda do. And there’s plenty to drool over here. Everything’s a little rustic and rough-hewn, and the kitchen is a delightful throw-back. Love the porch, the landscaping, and the generous 2000-square foot size.

One warning, though: If you look on the GMAP (location is approximate, but you can find the house is if you scroll around and look), you can see is right on the corner of Barrytown Road and River Road, so it’s close to both roads. Really close, which raises noise concerns. Otherwise, the location is good: It’s close to Bard College and the river front. Lease is one year, and can be rented unfurnished or partially furnished.

 River Road and County Rd 82, Barrytown (Gary DiMauro) GMAP (address approx.)

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