Rental of the Week: Zubehaus in Sparrowbush

  |  March 5, 2013


Most days, we can’t get enough of ogling upstate houses. But there have been days, few as they may be, when it’s a struggle to find even one property that we love and want to write about. It’s simple Law of Averages. You look at houses long enough in one location, and eventually, you’ll hit a rough patch.

But not today! Zubehaus in Sparrowbush (located in the Orange County town of Deerpark) pretty much had our name written all over it…and not because one of the photos features are giant portrait of Morrissey. Well, not just because of that. It had us at the chalk board in the kitchen, and then kept us with the quirky design sensibilities and the giant shower. The New York Times clearly agrees with us and did a piece on Zubehaus last summer.

Deets on the rates can be found here, but for the winter, it’s $1000/weekend, $2,000/week, and when the weather gets warm, the price goes up. Yes, there’s a pool.




zubehaus4  zubehaus6

Beds: 4

Baths: 4

Zubehaus, Sparrowbush (Red Cottage Inc.)

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