Renting/Landlording 101

  |  February 4, 2014


Since we’ve been in the world of investment properties this week, we’ve been thinking a lot about renting and landlording. Buying a multi-family home sure can look tempting when you’re trying to find ways to make some extra income…or any income, for that matter. But there’s oh so much involved with being a landlord, and if you don’t like being called in the middle of the night because your tenant’s pipes froze and burst, then you should probably consider another career path. And, at times, being a tenant is no picnic, neither. Unscrupulous and predatory landlords seem to be everywhere not fixing your leaky roof or heat during a cold snap. There two sides to every renter’s story, which is why we enjoyed this article in the Kingston Times, which should be required reading for anyone considering becoming either a landlord or a tenant. Not only does it deftly portray both sides of the renter/landlord dispute, it also hipped us to the existence of Legal Services of the Hudson Valley, which offers pro bono legal help to those on those struggling to stay in their homes but don’t make enough to hire their own attorney (RUPCO , Ulster County DSS, and Family of Woodstock can also be of assistance if you’re struggling to make rent in Ulster County). The article also answers the age-old question of “Who causes the most trouble in the Renter/Landlord relationship?” but we’re not giving away the ending. Do you have a landlord/tenant horror story? Let ‘er rip in the comments.

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