Up the River and into a Canvas

  |  February 6, 2015
"Logo" by Elana Goren (http://elanagoren.com)

“Logo” by Elana Goren (http://elanagoren.com)

You’ve read all about how the arts can play a lead role in community development, so now is the time to go out and get to know your Hudson Valley creatives! This weekend is packed with arts-related events, from the formal and educational to the fun and free-form. Here are our top five don’t-miss events for your weekend on the inventive side of the upstate tracks….

Bacchantes and Bivalves at the John Davis Gallery

"Bacchante (walking)," by Thomas Micchelli (http://johndavisgallery.com/Thomas-Micchelli/)

“Bacchante (walking),” by Thomas Micchelli (http://johndavisgallery.com/Thomas-Micchelli/)

Thomas Micchelli is immersed in both words and images. His name appears frequently on the byline of Hyperallergic posts, and his art has been showcased recently in galleries all over Brooklyn. It will be a real treat to have him upriver this weekend – it’s been a while since our last visit to the John Davis Gallery, and that’s pretty unacceptable considering how much we love the look of the space.

Erotic Art Show at the Tivoli Artists Gallery

The photography of Gilbert Rios will be featured along with the multimedia works of other local artists at the upcoming art show in Tivoli. Photo source: http://serrios.net

The photography of Gilbert Rios will be featured along with the multimedia works of other local artists at the upcoming art show in Tivoli. Photo source: http://serrios.net

Members and nonmembers alike are invited to the Tivoli Artists Gallery this weekend for what we’re going to assume is an R-Rated romp into the free-spirited side of the arts. The exact schedule of events is nonexistent, but we think the call for entries posted by the gallery on Facebook gives a good idea of what to expect: “The show is open to all media. Whatever kind of work you do. The work exhibited will be of a sensual and playfully suggestive nature.”

Annual Fundraiser of the Kingston Museum of Contemporary Art

"Red Deer" by Elisa Pritzker. Photo source: http://www.kmoca.com/previously.html

“Red Deer” by Elisa Pritzker. Photo source: http://www.kmoca.com/previously.html

Kingston’s art scene has been one of our topics du jour at Upstater, so we’ll call it serendipity that KMOCA is holding their annual fundraiser this weekend! Expect great art and great company as the museum celebrates its tenth year.

The Garrison Art Center will be hosting two classes suitable for both beginners and more advanced artists alike!

"No Protection," by Elana Goren (http://elanagoren.com)

“No Protection,” by Elana Goren (http://elanagoren.com)

The weekend kicks off with a class on monotype printing with instructor and freelance artist Elana Goren. During the week, Elana can be found teaching at SUNY New Paltz, but she is taking the drive to Putnam County this Saturday to share her knowledge of monotype printing with anyone willing to expand their repertoire with this unique medium.

"67 Confluence," by Emmett Paul McLaughlin (http://www.sandsmuseum.com/mclaughlin/image_display.php?id=67&album_id=16)

“67 Confluence,” by Emmett Paul McLaughlin (http://www.sandsmuseum.com/mclaughlin/image_display.php?id=67&album_id=16)

And on Sunday, muralist and painter Emmett Paul McLaughlin will lead a class on impressionist landscapes, beginning with a brief art history lesson and ending with your very own acrylic piece to hang next to the monotype you made the day before!

Oh! And while we’re on the subject of aesthetics, have you voted for your favorite Upstater home yet? If not, here’s the part where we remind you that a vote automatically enters you to win a $500 gift card to Buttermilk Falls Inn! Pick your favorite out of three residential masterpieces HERE.



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