Rosendale Farmhouse with Exposed Brick Walls, $399K

  |  April 19, 2021
rosendale country house

All in all, this Rosendale country house is not just another brick in the wall. In fact, it’s a distinctive c.1890s abode bursting with character.

This week on Upstater, we’re delving into the real estate listings on the hunt for exposed brick walls. This timeless interior feature requires virtually no work for a homeowner in terms of adding to the aesthetic appeal. Put away your sconces and framed pictures: Exposed brick walls speak for themselves. And, this three-bedroom farmhouse in Ulster County, NY has got a kitchen surrounded by them.

rosendale country house

In addition to the exposed brick, the 1,488-square-foot interior comes with original exposed beams and wood floors. Off the living room through French doors is a den…

rosendale country house

…and off the other side of the living room is the impressive kitchen and dining area with built-in shelving, poured concrete counter tops, and stainless steel appliances.

rosendale country house

The dining area opens into a sunroom, which provides a perfect home for your sun-loving houseplants. For the human occupants, pop open the glass slides and walk out onto the stone patio with built-in grill for more sun and fresh air.

rosendale country house

Brick and stone meet in the staircase hallway…

…which leads to the three bedrooms and a full bath.

rosendale country house

The property is a half-acre in size situated along the Rondout Creek, about halfway between the quirky/cool village of Rosendale and Kingston’s East Strand waterfront neighbor, which is a very good place to be, indeed.


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