Roxbury Mountain Haven, $239,000

  |  July 30, 2015
Roxbury 1

What do you expect for the perfect mountain get-away? This house has it: beautiful mountain views, an in-ground pool (also with a view), a sauna, a billiards room, and 5.84 acres of land to frolic about. Not even to mention the spacious floor-plan, deck and sunshine pouring in. Or the wooden-bridge path that leads a brisk walk to the pool. Or the spiral staircase. Being a sucker for spiral staircases, that alone could sell me on this house. If I could live on a spiral staircase, somehow connecting a bed and a fridge, that’d be okay with me. Considering my simple satisfaction, this place would cause me sensory overload.

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319 Raeder Rd, Roxbury, NY (Coldwell Banker Timberland Properties)

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