Roxbury Vacation Rentals

  |  April 26, 2012

The good news, if you’re interest in buying an investment property in Roxbury, is that there’s not a lot of competition in the vacation rental market. There are more great houses to buy than to lease for a weekend. But we combed through the offerings on sites like VRBO and AirBnB, and here’s are the rentals that floated our boat:

“Million Dollar View” contemporary
eds: 3
Baths: 2
Sleeps: 8
Rates: Starting at $180/night
Comment: The vista far outweighs the interior



Roxbury Farmhouse/Barn
Beds: 6
Baths: 3
Sleeps: 12-14
Rates: $2,500 per week in high season
Comments: has a pond, a barn and 17 acres; marketed for weddings



John Burroughs Boyhood Home
Beds: 5
Baths: 3
Sleeps: 10
Rates: $1,300/week
Comments: Yum.



Alta Visa Cabin
Beds: 2
Baths: 1
Sleeps: 4
Rates: $800/week
Comments: “Cozy.”



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