From the Rumor Mill: Is Trader Joe’s Finally Coming to the Mid-Hudson Valley?

  |  April 12, 2016
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Those of us around the Kingston area can get our hopes now. Trader Joe’s might be coming to town. According to this little bit in, a proposal for the grocery chain is allegedly in front of the planning board…but then goes on to say that the store could be in either Kingston or Hudson. So, is it in front of the Hudson planning board, or the Kingston planning board? All of this is second and third-hand information, of course, so who knows if it’s actually true? A girl can dream, however, like I was the time I drove up to the Albany Trader Joe’s the Saturday before Super Bowl Sunday and fought the crowds for Dunkeroos and Joe’s Dark coffee. Worth every elbow to the ribcage, but a closer option would be nice.

Hoping to see TJ’s in Kingston? Maybe signing this petition will help.


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