Run Your Business on Narrowsburg Main Street, $99,000

  |  July 3, 2015

A friend and I once debated what business we’d most like to own. I wanted a café for the regular customers and influx of coffee. He disagreed, not wanting to wake up at the crack of dawn. Fine, I proposed a bar, regulars and alcohol instead. No again, he didn’t want to stay awake until sunrise. Finally he offered his opinion: a pizza place. Regular customers, regular hours, and an abundance of pizza. I had to agree. If like us you’ve ever imagined owning a business but actually have the drive to do so, this building on the corner of Narrowsburg Main Street is ready made for that café I so want. If a turnkey café isn’t your cup of tea (coffee?), the building itself seems big enough for whatever business aspirations you have – maybe a bar or pizza joint. Low cost and located near the popular Delaware River National Park.

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Diance C. Butler Real Estate 25 Main Street, Narrowsburg, NY 12764

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