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  |  June 24, 2014
ice cream station phoenicia

Ice cream, the dessert that unites us all. Everybody likes it, and thanks to an increasing number of diet-specific options, nearly everybody can eat it. And people will love to tell you about their favorite place to find it. So we conducted an informal/completely unscientific survey of our friends in Ulster County (and one in Dutchess County) to find out where to get the best scoop or two…or three. Without further ado and presented in no particular order, here is Upstater’s official/unofficial…

Informal/Completely Unscientific Survey of the Best Ice Cream Spots in Ulster County (And One in Dutchess County):

Jolly Cow Drive-In, Lake Katrine (GMAP)

A Kingston institution. Find out what Yelp says about the seasonal ice cream parlor here.

Frozen Rainbow, Port Ewen (GMAP)

They’re more like a diner with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And, of course, ice cream. And sometimes, car shows.

Little Apple Love, Woodstock (GMAP)

Um, did someone say vegan soft serve?

Tantillo’s Farm Market, Gardiner (GMAP)

The full-service farm stand serves Ronnybrook Farm ice cream, and that  = YUM.

Lucky Chocolates, Saugerties (GMAP)

The artisan chocolate shop is all about the creamy and the cold, too. They also offer a cashew-based vegan ice cream that’s positively addictive.

Just Good Eats Soda Fountain, Kingston (GMAP)

For the adventurous ice cream lover. Think tea flavors, sorbet, egg creams, etc., made with as many locally-sourced ingredients as possible.

Mickey’s Igloo, Kingston (GMAP)

This is the original Mickey’s Igloo on East Chester in Kingston, but there’s one in Saugerties, too. Your basic ice cream shop with soft serve.

Boice Brothers Dairy, Kingston (GMAP)

We just posted about this one!

Ice Cream Station, Phoenicia (GMAP)

An adorable ice cream parlor in an equally adorable town.

And one in Dutchess — Holy Cow, Red Hook (GMAP)

Last year voted one of the top 10 best ice cream shops in the country in HuffPo Taste.

Our Pick:

Any ice cream stand you encounter after a day of driving/hiking/swimming/playing. It will be the best one around, guaranteed.

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