Kit House Alert: Sears Roebuck American Foursquare in Liberty, $119K

  |  November 8, 2017

One of our favorite real estate listing games to play is Find the Sears Kit Home. Usually a quick search of Sears kit homes will reveal old photos or floor plans of the house in question, but this particular Sears Roebuck American Foursquare from the 1920s, located in Liberty, was tough to pin down.

The closest we could get was a model called the Revere, but our search did not yield enough to take a closer look. The attic windows, however, are not quite right.

Or, it’s possible the model could be the Cumberland, although the shape isn’t quite right, and the front porch of 100 Carrier Street Liberty has four pillars, not three. Still…

Sears Roebuck American Foursquare

Regardless of the Sears kit home model, this home offers a lot of bang for a small amount of bucks. Includes three bedrooms, two baths, living room fireplace, new wood floors, butcher block kitchen + dining room with bay window, high ceilings, and a full basement.

Located in the village of Liberty NY – where we’re spending the week exploring the listings – on a quarter-acre lot in a residential neighborhood walking distance from town. Why are you still renting your home? You should be living in this Sears Roebuck American Foursquare kit home, instead.

100 Carrier Street, Liberty (Berkshire Hathaway)

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