Secluded Catskill Cottage for the Weekend

  |  October 15, 2015
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Price/night: $318
Accommodations: Woodstock cottage with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths
Max guests: 6
Min stay: 2-5 nights

Keeping with the theme of cozy, country homes that is this week’s “On The Market” special, Cottonwood Cottage in Woodstock offers, if you will, “Country Home Lite.” If you aren’t quite ready to make the plunge into Catskill homeownership, that’s fine, and this 3 bedroom house gives you the chance to experience it for a weekend. The rental allots its guests with the usual amenities, as well as an organic garden to supplement any meals you may be preparing in-house. There’s also a lush garden simply for viewing pleasure, providing guests a view along with the opportunity to sit on the deck and schmooze. If the season is wrong for sunbathing, Woodstock is not terribly far from skiing attractions like Hunter and Belleayre. The distance may even be a blessing, considering how high the prices of lodges and chalets can get during the high season. No matter the time of year, however, Woodstock and the surrounding area is always at the top of the list for places to explore.

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