Secluded Palenville House on 6.4 acres, $90,000

  |  August 28, 2015
54 otis dr palenville ny

The c.1890 house on this property would be enough for us to feature it on a Five-Figure Friday. It’s in decent shape, if you can manage to parse what’s happening behind a legion of baskets hanging from the ceilings. Yes, the listing says it needs “upgrades and TLC,” which is a tad on the vague side. We automatically assume the worst in the face of such vagueries. Aside from the house of 1000 baskets, it was the land and location that made us stop in our tracks. Consists of 6.4 acres north of Palenville on the old Otis Elevating Railway, which used to transport Catskill Mountain House visitors up the incline in the 1800s. You can see the tracks from the GMAP, and if you follow them west a bit, they lead straight to North/South Lake. The upshot is, this is house in Palenville on over 6 acres of land with a trail that essentially takes you directly to one of our favorites camping and recreation spots in the Catskills. Excited yet?! Hold your horses, partner. It’s a short-sale, so be sure you’re ready to settle in for a possibly long wait before it’s yours.

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54 Otis Drive, Palenville (Greene Acres Real Estate)

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