Settle Down in Tannersville, $175,000

  |  July 16, 2015
Route 23C 1

Tannersville may attract attention from skiiers, hikers and the like for its proximity to the Catskills, but this 3 bedroom offers a chance for anyone to call the area their new home. Its size and price are perfect for a starter house, with a renovated interior to act as a facelift for this quinquagenarian. It may not be too tempting for those who like to put some blood, sweat and tears into their new place, but for the rest of us it’s ready to go. In addition, if you are in fact looking for a little physical activity, the address is within walking distance to both the schools and the village center. For the more adventurous, of course, Hunter Mountain is only a short drive away.

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28 Route 23C, Tannersville (Lisa Jaeger)

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