Battery-Powered Shipping Container on 1.3 Acres, $40K

  |  December 4, 2020

We realize that a shipping container cottage isn’t the most conventional choice for a vacation home, but hey. It’s 2020. Why not?

Some might say that if 2020 was a real estate listing, it would be this retro-fitted shipping container in Otego, NY. We beg to differ. While this 1.3-acre set-up might look modest, the potential exists to scoop a secluded plot of land in rural upstate New York and build a proper Tiny House, or continue build onto the existing container to expand the interior space. Who knows? You could even end up with something like this cool container construction in Dutchess County.

Meanwhile, here’s what’s on the ground floor:

shipping container

The current owners fortified the cold steel walls with insulation, installed an insulated front door with screen-door slider, and a wood stove, as well as sketched out plans for a small kitchen. How a kitchen would fit into this 240-square-foot, we’re not entirely sure, so best to leave that to the Tetris experts.

shipping container

Car batteries – which power the generator – keep this cottage humming (can we coin the clumsy portmanteau “cott-tainer” now please?) and come included in the sale. Also included is a rustic outhouse, the property’s only indoor facilities.

Look, if you’re roughing it out in the woods, it’s better than having to dig your own latrine.

The property is situated in the town of Otego in Ostego County, about 90 minutes west of Albany following I-88W and a half-hour north of Delhi in Delaware County. It’s a true rural getaway, so prepare to live in harmony with all manner of flora and fauna.

shipping container

Are you barely CONTAINING your excitement for this upstate shipping container cottage? Find out more about 199 Burdick Hill Road, Otego, NY from Howard Hanna

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