Shop, Drop and Relax In Peekskill

  |  March 23, 2016

As I am sure you know, we are doing a huge giveaway for the town of Peekskill. We are giving away an entire weekend full of food, drinks, music, art and shopping. All you have to do is click here and enter!

12695026_1076457645752101_3294859597103310050_oThis post is for all the shopping you will be doing. Peekskill might not be known for its shopping but there are gems scattered all over town. The first stop on your shopping excursion is to The Quirk Shop. Plain and simply this adorable boutique shop is a quirky little spot is where whimsical and luxury meet. Located right on North Division Street this little shop has clothing, jewelry, home goods, body products, and art!

11717509_996622757036645_1143681873637282114_oIf you didn’t see any jewelry you like maybe this next stop will have something perfect. Arthur Weeks and Sons are the most prestigious jewelry store in town. Every month they cater their jewelry to the birthstone of the month.  Their collection of luxurious jewelry plus their ever changing selection is what makes them stand out from the rest.

471635_126074167516985_1509984580_oAfter you’ve gotten yourself something nice to wear, you can head down to Skinchanted to browse their plethora of all their amazing services. Oh did I not mention their amazing, all natural, vegan, holistic, gluten free, safe and effective skincare products! How could I have forgotten that!

12243019_917120441689517_6480912290809234834_nAnyways, a weekend in Peekskill is sure to leave you feeling, relaxed, pampered, and a little spoiled. Drinking, shopping, eating and relaxing are all on us so don’t forget to enter here!

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