Short-Sale Craftsman in Kerhonkson, $99,900

  |  August 13, 2015
187 samsonville rd kerhonkson ny

Do we all know by now that there is often nothing “short” about a short-sale? Sometimes, they take a while since the seller’s mortgage provider has to approve the purchase price. Could take six months, maybe longer, for a closing date. But if you’re okay with a nebulous closing date and a longer-than-average sale process, you might land yourself a bargain, like this Craftsman bungalow-style cottage in Kerhonkson. And, like almost every other short-sale, it’s sold as-is, and the listing hints that it needs work. But we’re seeing potential with a capital “P” fairly dripping from this place. Long story short (see what we did there?), it’s a short-sale in need of repairs, but it could be worth the (potentially) long wait until it’s all yours.

187 samsonville rd kerhonkson ny2 187 samsonville rd kerhonkson ny4 187 samsonville rd kerhonkson ny3 187 samsonville rd kerhonkson ny5

187 Samsonville Road, Kerhonkson (Westwood Metes & Bounds)

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