Wish List House #1: Pop Music History Lives in this Sleek Ulster County Retreat, $699K

  |  December 18, 2017

Fun Fact: There is a direct link between this house and pop music history. If you happen to live on this planet, you’ve no doubt heard the B-52s’ song ‘Love Shack’ on the radio, in the grocery store, at karaoke night, or during a wedding reception. The video for that song, turns out, was shot on this property.

That doesn’t really factor into why we’ve included this property on our house wish list this week, although it does make for an interesting conversation starter. No, we’re including this house because it’s freaking awesome, from its hemlock ceiling beams down to its stunning tile floors.

‘Love Shack’ came out in 1989, but the house itself was built in 1995 and given its modern-whimsical sensibility by ceramicists Phillip Maberry and Scott Walker. Adorned with tile mosaics and floor-to-ceiling windows, this 1730 square foot home is equal parts artsy and nature-embracing, with views of its woodsy 23-acre parcel from nearly every square inch of this home.

The home’s crowning jewel of tile mosaics lives in the spacious kitchen, where a whirl and swirl of bright colors graces the backsplash and countertops. White subway tile and emerald-green tiled floors bring it all together.

And, on top of it all sits the en suite master bedroom…

ulster county retreat

No wonder it was used as the “Love Shack” love shack. We’re certainly feeling the love from this eclectic, colorful, and elegant little ol’ place where, we can get togetherrrrrr, love shack bayaybeee….

Sorry. We couldn’t help ourselves.

Falling in love with 767 South Street, Highland? Check out the rest of the love shack here


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