Where to Sleep near the Slopes

  |  November 20, 2014
belleayre lodge

Belleayre Lodge, Pine Hill

When skiing or recreating among the snow-covered mountains of upstate New York, we like to roll right out of bed with our down parkas already donned, ready to fervently attack the slopes. Okay, maybe not, because coffee first. But we still like the idea of staying somewhere close, especially when the digs are as good as these ones.

Belleayre Lodge and Cabins, Pine Hill, Ulster County (GMAP):

Belleayre Mountain (opening day Saturday, 11/22) is one of the biggest winter fun resorts in all the land, so why not crash at the Belleayre Lodge and Cabins 5 minutes away? Lots of accommodation options, including 3 cottages, 5 cabins, 2 rooms, and a guest house that sleeps 11 people. Also, complimentary morning yoga and evening bonfires. More on rates and availability here.

parish cottage phoenicia

Parish Cottage, Phoenicia

Parish Park Cottage, Phoenicia, Ulster County (GMAP):

The hamlet of Phoenicia is only 20 minutes from Belleayre Mountain, which makes this charming cottage right in the center of town an excellent choice. You know what else makes it an excellent choice? Well, let’s pretend you hate winter sports and you just want to stay somewhere cute where you can walk to restaurants and shops. Then Parish might work for you, since a Trailways bus stops nearby. And it’s available over Turkey Day weekend. More info on rates and availability here on Red Cottage Inc.

Le Chalet Montreuil

Le Chatlet Montreuil, Windham

Le Chalet Montreuil, Windham, Greene County (GMAP):

Another private pad, but they’re running a Thanksgiving weekend special: $495/night, $1750/week. Now, keep in mind, this is a place you bring your family or a group of friends. Accommodates 8 guests in 4 bed/2.5 bath 2028 square foot house. Oh, and there’s an outdoor hot tub with a view of Windham Mountain, which is 4 miles away. Or, you could stay at the Windham Mountain Resort right on the mountain (opening day Friday, 11/21). The rates are fairly reasonable, even full a full house or condo, but they are decidedly no-frills accommodations (which some won’t mind one bit).

wheeler room deer mtn inn

Wheeler Room, Deer Mountain Inn, Tannersville

Deer Mountain Inn, Tannersville, Greene County (GMAP):

Located on Deer Mountain itself, the Inn includes 6 themed rooms and a restaurant that serves dinner, cocktails, and desserts 5 days a week (closed Tues & Weds). Breakfast included. 15 minutes from Hunter Mountain and 20 minutes from Windham Ski Area. All the rooms are impeccable and run between $200-$300/night. FYI: Hunter Mountain’s opening day is Friday, 11/21.

andes hotel

Andes Hotel, Andes

Andes Hotel, Andes, Delaware County (GMAP):

Plattekill Mountain runs a number of Stay & Play packages with participating local hotels, motels, B&Bs, and rental properties, including the Andes Hotel. It’s situated in cute Andes 20 minutes from the mountain, and they have a top-notch restaurant and tavern. Single room is $85/night and They. Are. Adorable. Or, get within 5 minutes of Plattekill and stay at the Roxbury Motel. Our feelings on this place have been well-documented.

library inn at green river hillsdale

Library, Inn at Green River, Hillsdale

Inn at Green River, Hillsdale, Columbia County (GMAP):

Alas, Catamount’s super-fancy residences aren’t yet completed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get close enough at the Inn at Green River, located in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountain. The B&B features 7 stately rooms rates running from $139-$350/night. 15 minutes north of Catamount. The setting of the Inn is simply breathtaking. Catamount Ski & Stay travel packages available. More info here.

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