Smaller River, Lots of Charm in This Accord Farmhouse, $499,900

  |  May 13, 2015

There’s other rivers in the region besides the Hudson, and property alongside some of the smaller tributaries can be great for those looking for water views at more reasonable prices. This darling farmhouse in Accord is a great example, and would probably be much more expensive on the Hudson. The Rondout creek is practically a backyard feature, and the beautiful, lush foliage in the exceptional photography almost has a Southern Charm. We wouldn’t mind a mint julep or two on the gorgeous blue stone patio. Charm abounds throughout the interior as well, with historical details like exposed beams, wood floors, and a perfect colonial mantle. The current owners have definitely laid down the gauntlet for tasteful decorating, but living up to their standards would be a problem we’d love to have.

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163 Tow Path Rd, Accord, NY (Flemming Realty) GMAP

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