Someone Please Build a House Balanced on a Rock in Upstate NY

  |  June 27, 2014
balance house

uhlik architekti house balanced on a boulder

Pardon us for traveling waaaaaay far afield from the HV/Catskills and into the Czech Republic, but we’re hoping that if we post this here, one of our builder/designer friends will be inspired to create something similar. And yes, it’s exactly how it seems: A small low-tech cottage partially perched on a boulder. We’re huge fans of incorporating existing natural landscapes and features into the construction of a house, so we’re digging this. The interior is simple and unfinished, consisting of a small woodstove on the “ground floor” with stairs leading to the “second floor”, where there’s a giant window perfect for gazing out into the woods. See more of this house, designed by uhlik architectkti and located between central and south Bohemia, here on So? Who’s on top of creating one that we can come see in upstate New York? Is this the next step in treehouse design? Building rockhouses?

balance house2 balance house3 balance house4

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