Something’s Hot in the Hudson Valley

  |  September 9, 2015

A new friend of Upstater’s emailed to let us know about a hot lead and we just couldn’t wait to share it with everyone. The folks at Poor Devil Pepper Co. in Ghent, NY make certified organic, raw, lacto-fermented hot sauces, so says founder Jared Schwartz. What the heck is lacto-fermentation? you ask. Well, according to the website, it’s a naturally occurring fermentation process that takes place when fruit or vegetables are combined with salt and left to sit in an anaerobic environment for several weeks or, even, months. The name comes from the bacteria lactobacillus, a friendly microorganism that can aid in digestive health and also has anti-inflammatory properties. If that didn’t make any sense, don’t worry: in short, the stuff is darn good for you.

Now, we haven’t yet tried Poor Devil Pepper Co.’s sauce, but we are just so excited about an organic, raw, locally sourced, Hudson Valley hot sauce that we had to share. We think we’ll start with Green Gypsy, the “sauce that started it all”. Check out the rest of their flavors on Poor Devil’s website and let us know which ones become your faves!

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