Sophisticated Adventure at Scribner’s Catskill Lodge, Hunter, NY

  |  March 9, 2017

Ah, the Great Northern Catskills of New York State. Rich in rugged peaks, cascading waterfalls, and outdoor adventure, this region is a downright respite from the hustle-bustle of any city. While you could find a nice campsite to spend the night, why not treat yo self to the classy, new-and-improved Scribner’s Catskill Lodge in scenic Hunter, NY.

Located just two hours (100 miles) from New York City, Scribner’s is an “urban explorer’s” fantasy. This hotel has all the amenities (and then some!) to satisfy sophisticated wanderers, with the added bonus of being a stone’s throw from Hunter Mountain and the surrounding Catskill Mountain wilderness.

Adding to this area’s obvious outdoorsy attraction, Scribner’s in itself is ripe for exploration. As soon as you walk into the 38-room hotel, you’re greeted with the heady smell of cinnamon and woodsy lodge, intermingled with whatever they’re whipping up in the on-property restaurant, Prospect.

Looking around, it’s obvious this hotel has seen quite the renovation since it’s time as a motor lodge-slash-hedonistic artist space in the 1960s. With plentiful input from owners Marc Chodock and Glennon Travis, the Brooklyn-based creative group Studio Tack went to town remaking this 60s-70s mountain house into the bespoke chic hotel it is now.

According to Scribner’s, Studio Tack was “selectively weird and strategically conservative” in their design. By keeping quirky details from the hotel’s former life, Studio Tack maintained the building’s charm and character while simultaneously creating a fresh and welcoming space.

With 12 distinctive room types ranging from six-person suites with scenic balconies, to formerly thematic rooms like “The Alamo”, there is no denying the inimitable allure of this hotel. I had the pleasure of staying in a cabin-style loft right off the main foyer. This room featured a lofted bed and quaint living space complete with locally crafted furniture and super appropriate reading materials like Modern Farmer Magazine (I learned how to raise turkeys!). Did I mention the petit gas fireplace that added to the already cozy atmosphere? #nicetouch

By the way, for you dog-lovers out there, Scribner’s does not discriminate against canines and welcomes you to bring along your pup. In fact, for a mere $25 extra per night, your furry friend can live in luxury in your room and be treated to a complimentary eco-friendly dog toy upon arrival.

Interested in pleasing your palate? Then head over to Scribner’s restaurant, Prospect. This eatery is like walking into a SoHo gastro-lounge, complete with wooden everything, fully stocked bar, and creative, locally sourced cuisine. Gourmands will savor Prospect’s imaginative dishes like beets with hazelnut, quinoa, and smoked yogurt (yep, that’s a thing, and it’s amazing), roasted chicken (for two) with sunchoke, broccoli rabe, and chicken jus, as well as tantalizing cocktails like the Burn’t Maple Old Fashioned made with nocino, Burn’t maple syrup, and bourbon. Note: Mouth watering is a natural response to these descriptions.

After your meal, feel free to take advantage of the outdoor wrap-around porch and fire pit (perhaps cocktail in hand), or mingle with other guests in the hotel’s luxurious lounge stocked with a pool table, shelves of books, and indoor fireplace. Clearly, there’s more than one way to get your relaxation game on in these swanky digs. Come morning, breakfast is included in the price of your room, so be sure to revisit Prospect to scoop up some tasty treats before heading off on your next adventure.

If any of this has you itching to visit Scribner’s Catskill Lodge, head over to their website and snatch a room for the weekend – Or make a ressie at Prospect restaurant for a literal taste of what this modern lodge has to offer. Either way, your bespoke Catskills getaway awaits you!

All photos taken by Krysti Sabins.


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