Speaking of Art Towns…

  |  October 7, 2014
basilica hudson

The Basilica Hudson, a popular large event space/performance venue near the waterfront in the Columbia County city.

Artsy.com speculates whether the arts will transform upstate New York’s economy. Interesting hypothesis, and one we’ve pondered ourselves. It would be more appropriate for the title of the piece to pinpoint the Hudson Valley and the Catskills instead of “upstate New York,” since there’s a whole lotta upstate New York that isn’t located in the Hudson Valley or the Catskills. But we get what they’re saying. Once flagging towns and cities like Hudson and Kingston (just to name exactly two of many) have seen a…revolution? Transformation? Not quite. How about a stirring. They’ve seen a stirring thanks to makers who’ve been priced out of Manhattan and Brooklyn heading up north. But it is enough to spark a full-on shift in the way this region makes revenue? We’re not sure, but we think it will be a large part of any economic growth that happens here. It will have to be. Adapt or die, right? Still, other questions linger. Will it spread to other, even more hinter-y hinterlands? It already has. Look at Narrowsburg. Livingston Manor. Wassaic. Roxbury. Phoenicia. These places, just a few short years ago, were considered the boondocks and too far away to consider relocating to. But now, they’re hosting film festivals, wine festivals, theater, art exhibits. The change has been coming for a while. Long story short, there’s no doubt that the arts will play a key role in the future of upstate’s economy. The only question remains is, how much?

marina abramovic institute

Marina Abramovic Institute, Hudson, opening 2016.

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