Spend a Weekend in this Glass House Near Hudson

  |  February 17, 2017

Glass Cabin in the Woods in Hillsdale, NY via airbnb.com

Price/Night: $350

Accommodations: Entire Home

Max Guests: 4 guests, two bedrooms

Min Stay: 2 nights

Obviously taking cues from the Glass House, this stunning 16-door cabin is a stunning tribute of one of the most famous Mid Mod houses ever constructed. This lovely, inviting home is located near some of our favorite places in the Hudson Valley, including the famous city of Hudson. It has a gorgeous setting, letting the outside in, even as you rest in total seclusion on six acres. Some of the notable interior features are curated art, a fantastic wood burning stove (instructions included), stone tile bathrooms and a well appointed kitchen.

This is the perfect escape for the beleaguered New York City citizen who just wants to get away from it all. The Amtrak station in Hudson is only twenty minutes away, and the complete privacy of the space makes it relaxing and enjoyable. It has all the modern amenities you need, and it’s only ten minutes away from a grocer’s and an ice cream store (according to one glowing review). Cook a hearty stew, toast marshmallows and hike around the property as you take the weekend to unplug from all the distractions around you. All the reviews agree that the Glass Cabin is the perfect escape.

Staying there is such a magical experience where you will create unforgivable memories. —Oliver
A tranquil respite from the concrete jungle which I would highly recommend. —Yiorgos
The space gave us the perfect setting to think, read, write – to be away for a weekend and reset in just the right way.  —Naveen

This place is incredibly popular, and with good reason! Get in and book your weekend now.

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