Spirits of the Hudson Valley

  |  March 29, 2012

We’re not talking about ghosts, but booze. Over on Huffington Post, there’s a roundup of the best booze made in New York State. Most of them are Brooklyn-made, but infused with ingredients from upstate New York (Navy Strength Gin infused with upstate wildflower honey).

Tuthilltown Spirits, based in Gardiner, NY, made the cut. Their bourbon has been consumed over here at Upstater headquarters and gets an enthusiastic thumbs up: locavore whisky that can stand up to any test. Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what the reviewer has to say: “Made from 100% corn — a rarity for bourbons, which usually mix in at least a little rye and/or barley — and, if my information is correct, aged for a mere three months, this is a vibrant and slightly unbridled whiskey that belies its youth when taken neat. But drop in an ice cube and the cinnamon/clove sweetness takes a back seat to rich notes of caramel, chocolate and tobacco. Tuthilltown also makes a “four grain” bourbon which employs corn, rye, barley and wheat that’s quite good, though not up to the level of the Baby Bourbon.”

Their tasting room is the first of its kind since prohibition. Stop by and sample (and bring a designated driver!).

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