Spring Glen Bungalow, $59,000 – SOLD

  |  July 12, 2011


6/18/2014 Update: Just heard from the owners. The bungalow has been sold.

As our regular readers know, I have a longstanding obsession with bungalow colonies. I went to visit one this weekend that had a unit for sale (it was also having a group tag sale, a big part of the draw).

The house above is divided into four units, and folks bought the two in the front and tore down some walls to make it one. They’ll sell it as two, for $29,500 each–you’ll have to get a licensed contractor in to restore it, but I think it will only run you a few thousand bucks–or you can take it whole. I got to see someone else’s freestanding bungalow, replete with 50’s minty green tile in the kitchen, so I know how adorable these places could be. This bungalow leaves something to be desired in the cuteness factor, and it also faces the road–though it’s a pretty mellow road. It still feels like two tiny units, with two sleeping lofts and two tiny living rooms and one long skinny kitchen–a little unfinished-feeling, but easy enough to repair.

In addition to your tiny slice of heaven, you get access to the pool, playground, eight acres of land and your very sweet neighbors, most of whom are New Yorkers, of course. Yearly fees, including taxes, are $3,600. The owner is willing to rent it to a party seriously interested in buying. If interested, email the owner’s friend and fellow colony-er, who’s helping out since the owner has moved out of the country. owner.

But I also got a taste of the downside of bungalow life. I had accidentally pulled into another nearby colony and asked for the tag sale. (Both these colonies, by the way, are previewed in our bungalow colony renting/buying guide). The bungalow dweller was a royal grump, and her little cottage, adorable though it was, was mighty close to the others. If I want to be in close proximity to grumps, I can get on the subway.

This doesn’t deter me from my dream. Instead I think I’ll rent in a colony next summer, but a bigger one, more socially diffused, that also has a daycamp for the kiddos. Those looking for a quieter, close-knit community might want to try this unit in Spring Glen Corners.

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