Stately Nyack Manor with a Secret Surprise, $995,000

  |  March 15, 2017

For less than a $1 million listing price, this estate in Nyack, Rockland County is packed with all kinds of cool details, but there’s one detail in particular that we’ve saving for the end. Enjoy the suspense!

Built in 1867, this dramatic Colonial faces the Hudson River. Double stairs lead to the front door, and beyond that, a front parlor with fireplace mirrored across the hall by a formal dining room, and adjoined to a family room with double French doors. The family room includes the first of the home’s unique features: A bona fide vault with steel bars and shutters. Now, why would someone need a bank-like vault in their home? Because they’re trying to protect something…but what? Oh, the mysteries to ponder.

The 3400 square foot home includes four bedrooms, two and a half baths, solarium, balconies, built-in kitchen pantries, original moldings, big windows, hardwood floors, and hand-painted scenes of the Hudson River on the front door panels.

The 1.66-acre lot includes our favorite secret detail of this property, a camouflaged root cellar that is generous in size, at least large enough to stand up in. Now, we’re purely speculating for the sake of fun make-um-ups, but why on earth would you need a vault in your home and a hidden root cellar large enough to stand up in? Bootlegging operation? Family riches and jewels kept under lock and key? Expensive wine collection? Rare antiquities unearthed by a certain WW II-era archeology professior known for his fedora and whip? Probably none of these things, but that won’t stop us from pretending it is…

267 River Road, Grandview (Sothebys)


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