Stay in The Catskills at This Incredible Modern Rental Property

  |  April 29, 2015

ROXBURY Contemporary

Price/night: $975
Accommodations: Whole House, 4 Bedrooms
Max guests: 10
Min stay: 2 nights
House description:

There is no such thing as someone who doesn’t love the Catskill mountains. Perhaps there are those that haven’t seen them, but once you do you’re hooked for life. All towering peaks and endless wilderness, there’s no real way to describe the impression that the solitude and sheer scale of them can make on a person. The owners of this rental in Roxbury definitely had this in mind when they contracted Whritner Builders to design their 2nd home. Much of the architecture complements and showcases the surrounding natural beauty. We love the vista views from the kitchen/dining area, and you’d need a certified Hydraulic Rotary Excavator Grapple with double cylinders to get us off the chairs on that extended deck. The property also includes a swimming pond, so you can go for a dip or “float around in a Kayak while looking at the stars. “ Yes that. That’s what we want.

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