Head to the Other Side of Mohonk for a Piece of History

  |  November 16, 2019
stone colonial

This c.1695 stone Colonial house features a museum’s-worth of details and artifacts from a time long since passed.

Even amongst the original U.S. colonies, it’s not easy to find a house that dates back to the 17th century. We love catching these glimpses into home life during an era nearly a century before the Declaration of Independence’s signing, and if you’re an historic house enthusiast or just dig that pre-pre-Industrial Revolution charm, this Dutch stone house is going to knock your garter socks off.

stone colonial

For a listing price of $485K, what’s on offer here is a 3,180-square-foot interior with two sections: The original stone house section, and an addition built in 2000. Included in that addition is a gourmet kitchen and a massive cooking fireplace – as well as timber ceiling beams –  in keeping with the stone section’s historic character.

stone colonial

The original section of the house also boasts exposed support beams, in addition to plank floors. Of particular note are the dutch-style doors with wrought-iron hardware like box locks, sliding cigar bolts, and knocker latches. Those doors may have been brought over from Holland, according to the listing, based on their distinctive look. All plumbing and electric systems, however, are complete up-to-date.

stone colonial

Subtly-updated bedrooms (five total) and three full baths provide modern comforts that easily blend with original details…

stone colonial

…and, the five-acre grounds offer an idyllic natural setting. There’s even an antique barn across the road, along with a separate garage/workshop wired with new electric.

Located on the west side of Mohonk Preserve and Minnewaska State Park from the village of New Paltz, NY. The hamlets of Accord, High Falls, and Kerhonkson are just minutes away by car.

stone colonial

Looking to live with history in this stone Colonial home? Find out more about 582 Old Kings Highway, Accord, NY from Taft Street Realty

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