Own the First US EcoCocon Straw Panel Tiny House, $125k

  |  June 22, 2020
Straw Panel House Exterior

Here’s a one-of-a-kind chance to become the visionary owner of the first EcoCocon custom-built straw panel house in the US. This revolutionary sustainable house is made with 100 percent natural materials, and was featured in an episode of the Discovery Channel’s “Building Off The Grid.” The house is currently located in Freehold in Greene County, but will be disassembled and relocated to the buyer’s property.

The house is available for sale directly from the owners, Peter and Ashley Jensen. Peter and his company Build With Nature designed and built the 1-bedroom home in 2019. The straw panels were provided by Ecococon, the European leader in building with straw. This type of building is more efficient in energy consumption than any conventional homes and far exceeds US building codes. The house is an inspirational example of constructing in harmony with nature and a trend-setting contribution to the building industry.

Upon relocation, the house can be expanded by Peter’s company for an additional cost. For inquiries, please contact Ita McAteer at (914) 262-8426 or fill out the form below.

Straw Panel House Floor Plan


1 bedroom (124 square feet), 1 bathroom (35 square feet), open living/kitchen space (207 square feet)

Total floor plan is 366 square feet with a 350 square-foot deck

Exterior dimensions: 39′ x 14′

Price Includes: Entire structure, solar panels and electrical system, mini-split for heating and cooling, insulation, walls, roof, flooring and fixtures, counters, handmade table, and shelving. Dismantling in current location and reassembly at buyer’s location.

Price Excludes: Building permit, foundation, septic system, transportation from existing property in Freehold to the buyer’s property.

Option to exclude solar panels will reduce the price to $115,000.

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