Sullivan County 1930s Farmhouse + 1.3 acres, $56,900

  |  March 4, 2016
62 pleasure drive harris ny

Can you say, “$23/square foot?” We can, especially when it’s followed up with “Oh, and also, here’s over an acre of land. Enjoy!” And, the condition doesn’t seem half-bad for such a rock-bottom price with new furnace, water heater have been recently replaced. That doesn’t mean it’s all polished up, however, and it certainly needs tweaking (coughcoughwoodpanelingcough). But check out the good-looking (and exposed, in some rooms!) wood floors, cute kitchen, and a spacious 2400 square feet of space with 3 beds/1.5 baths.

While the property is just off Route 17 (10 minutes north of Monticello, 10 minutes south of Liberty), it’s pretty well hidden from both the two-land state route and the surrounding neighbors. Bring cash: you’ll probably need to buy this tempting place.

NYC is less than 2 hours away.

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62 Pleasure Drive, Harris (Keller Williams)

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