Summering in (or Relocating to or Living Full-time in) Sullivan? It’s CSA time.

  |  March 8, 2012


The Sullivan County Real Estate blog reported late last week that the  Willow Wisp Farm is now taking reservations for its Community Supported Agriculture shares. Yes, the farm is in Damascus, PA, but that’s four miles from Callicoon, NY (home to a great farmers’ market and endless Mark Ruffalo sightings, among other attribtues). “A full summer share is $600, and that gets you fresh produce every week from June 8th until Nov. 20th that you can pick up at the farm on Fridays between 5 and 7,” the write. “If you can’t make it up on Fridays by 7, it’s worth a call to Greg to see if there are other arrangements available.” The deadline to sign up is April 16.

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