Supermoon Rising

  |  November 14, 2016

When the moon passes earth in orbit, we usually don’t notice. Tonight, we’ll notice. The Supermoon this week is going to be 5% bigger and 30% brighter than the average moon because the moon will be closer to Earth than it is at any other time during its orbit.

It’s also a full moon, (or it’s a 99.8% waning gibbous moon, but who’s counting?) and this rarely occurring coincidence will provide us with some exceptional views. Just to give you an idea of how exceptional this Super-Full-Moon is, the last time Earthlings got to see the moon so up close and personal was in 1948.

The best time to see the Supermoon is when it’s first rising off the horizon; which will be anywhere from 5:10-5:15 for anyone living near or around the Hudson Valley or New York City. Check your moonrise time here, and get out and enjoy the bright air tonight.!

If you’re feeling a little lazy (or if it’s a cloudy night!), click here
to watch the live broadcast of the Supermoon rising.

Did you catch a great pic of the supermoon? Send us a link in the comments or on our facebook page.

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