T.M.Idol Story Slam: “I Can’t Eat That” This Thursday, Aug. 6

  |  August 5, 2015

We’ll bet you a 5-spot that you…yes, YOU…reading these words right this second have some sort of food allergy/sensitivity/aversion. And while we’re certain that you must bring your own food to cook-outs and dinner parties, there’s nothing worse than encountering a menu or unexpectedly limited food choices and realizing, “Oh wait. I can’t eat that,” whether it’s by choice or allergy. You are not alone. Join your brethren/sistren in food issues this Thursday, August 6th, for the TMI Project’s T.M.Idol’s Story Slam contest “I Can’t Eat That.” The evening will feature writers, storytellers, and funny people talking about their hilariously awkward food-related moments, all competing for the top prize, while Sam Osterhout from the variety show “The Locals” will be steering the ship as show emcee. Show starts at 7pm. Tickets are $10/advance, $15/door, TMI Office Space, 5 Sterling Street, Kingston (GMAP).



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