From T Mag: A T Editor is Really Into the Catskills Right Now

  |  June 6, 2017


New York Times ‘T’ Magazine delivered a short and sweet love letter to the Catskills in their recent piece Some Things T Editors Are Really Into Right Now. While they might be a little more of a trek than the Hudson Valley, the Catskill Mountains are worth that trek, according to T editor Alainna Lexie Bedie, especially when that 2.5 hour trek from NYC brings you to trout fishing in Roscoe, or the DeBruce, a new inn located in Livingston Manor, Sullivan County.

The DeBruce offers 14 guest rooms and a forest-to-table restaurant, in that Chef Aksel Theilkuhl and staff go out to the ground and forage menu items. By the way, both breakfast and dinner are included for guests of the DeBruce. Find out more about the inn, restaurant, and spa, including reservations, here.

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