Take a Bite Out of this Wedding Cake House in Windham Village, $495,000

  |  January 24, 2017

Our exploration of Big-Time Arts in Small-Town Hudson Valley/Catskills brings us to the Greene County village of Windham, home to the ski mountain of the same name. Next door is Catskill, which is home to the Greene County Council on the Arts, a not-for-profit arts programming organization representing all the arts in Greene County, which makes it no surprise that this little village in the Northern Catskills boasts a big number of art and artisan galleries and shops. Get the full list here.

This c.1836 layered-roof house sits right in the middle of Windham village in highly-visible spot among all that creative spirit. Indeed, this house always engenders a second and third glance from us when we’re visiting town, and we’ve always wondered how it looks inside. So, we will bury the lede no further. This is what the lookout on the top of the house looks like:

Now, we can get down to business about the rest of the house. Includes 10 bedrooms (!!) and so many nooks, crannies, and tucked-away spaces in the 4800-square foot interior that we couldn’t show you all of them. Also comes with wood floors, large kitchen, formal dining room, wrap around porch, hot tub, and over a quarter-acre lot size walking distance to stuff in the village. We know you’re thinking “B&B,” and yeah, can’t say that we blame you.

5319 Route 23, Windham (Bunce Realty)

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