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Taking It Personally: Hudson Valley mortgage banker Laura Moritz provides concierge service.

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In today’s risk-averse banking climate, getting approved for a mortgage can be slow, scary, and confusing—making some would-be homebuyers give up. But not if their mortgage banker is Laura Moritz of Hudson Valley-based Classic Mortgage LLC. As a licensed mortgage loan originator with 32 years of experience, Moritz is “committed to exceeding expectations.”

Effective communication with an experienced local lender makes all the difference, says Moritz. “Securing a mortgage should never be a ‘keystroke solution’—you need a real person who really cares about you to help navigate you through the process,” she explains. “My customers can count on me 24/7. While bureaucratic, big-box banks take months to fund loans, I can get clearance to close in four to five weeks.”

Recently, one of Moritz’s customers was in a bidding war on a house, and time was of the essence to present a pre-approval letter to the sellers. “I got the letter presented in five minutes, and my client’s offer was accepted,” Moritz says. The other bidder waited more than a day for a letter from his lender, and lost out.

Concierge service is “not a luxury but a necessity,” Moritz says. “I work with my clients, sometimes for more than a year, preparing them for successful outcome. When you’re buying a home, you should never be a pile of papers on someone’s desk in another time zone.” A lifelong Hudson Valley resident, Moritz has solid relationships with local title companies, attorneys, appraisers, and surveyors. Licensed in New York, New Jersey, and Florida, she can be reached at (845) 222-8270 or; or find out more at

About Classic Mortgage LLC

Established over 16 years ago, Classic Mortgage a New Jersey Mortgage Firm has become one of the fastest growing residential lenders in the northeast. A full service mortgage banker licensed in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, Classic Mortgage provides mortgages for borrowers and homeowners in every income bracket, with all types of credit profiles and employment status.

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