Tannersville Old-Fashioned Retreat with Mountaintop Views, $345,000

  |  July 13, 2015
730 route 23c tannerville ny

Driving around the enclaves of residents around Tannersville makes a house-lover’s heart go pitter-patter. So many beautiful cedar Adirondack-style lodges, Victorians, and cedar-shake cottages all over the place, particularly in and around Onteora Club, a well-healed community hidden in the mountains just north of Tannersville village. As I drove around the area over the weekend around sundown, I saw kids running around in swimming trunks while grown-ups huddled around firepits in the front yards, and I thought, “This is what summer is all about. These people living in the Catskills have this life nailed.” If you’re feeling the same way, may I suggest this 3000 square foot large mountainside cottage? While it’s not inside of Onteora Club proper, it’s nearby and certainly fits with the luxurious-yet-rustic-hunting-lodge sensibility that pervades the area. The living room includes a stone fireplace, the kitchen was recently renovated, and a deck that looks out onto the open meadow that makes up the 3 acre property. Catskills summer retreat perfection at an affordable price? You’re soaking in it, Madge.

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730 Route 23C, Tannersville (Sotheby’s)

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