Taste the Catskills with Catskill Mountainkeeper

  |  October 8, 2015

This weekend, make the trip to Maple Shade Farm in Delhi for the deliciously titled “Taste of the Catskills” festival. Taste, poke, prod, or gulp down the food, beer, wine, arts, and more of the region at this family friendly event, set to take place rain or shine at 10AM both Saturday and Sunday. There’s something for everyone, even if (somehow) delectable local food isn’t one of your favorite things. Check out the list of available workshops on their website, for example, where you can learn about everything from beekeeping to buying a new home. The list of vendors may be unfamiliar, but something tells me the scents and sounds will do their part to draw in the novice foodies. Or, bring along someone who knows every place on the list. Share the food, share the knowledge.

Adult admission is only ten bucks! Splurge the extra 24 on the Harvest Dinner, prepared by the staffs of The Andes Hotel and O’Neill’s Shire Pub and where “unlimited tastes of Ommegang beers…have been selected to accompany each dish.” It’s getting hard to type with all this drool on my keyboard.

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