A Taste of Tiny House Living 20 Minutes from Ellenville, $125/night

  |  February 2, 2016
tiny house woodridge ny


It’s never too early to plan a spring adventure. So, if we’ve tempted you with all this talk of Ellenville this week and you’re headed there for a visit, consider setting up glamp in this rustic tiny house. Situated in a quiet corner of a working farm, the crafty 7×18 mini-dwelling offer just enough space for sleeping (plus a sleeping loft) and having breakfast while staying warm and cozy. However, this is no “mint on the pillow” luxury stay. The shower and outhouse are outside, and there’s no running water. Still, we love the kind of camping that doesn’t involve sleeping on the ground.

You’ll be sharing the farm with its other denizens: Angora rabbits, goats, chickens, and sheep, not to mention the friendly innkeepers. There’s also a pond on the 12 acre farm. This is a true escape away from it all. $125/night weekdays, $150/night weekends with 2 night min. stay.

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Outlier Inn, Woodridge via Airbnb.com

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