The Best Sites to Find Old Houses

  |  August 14, 2012

Yes, of course, you should shuffle through our own real estate listings to find old houses for sale in upstate New York. But you might also have some fun perusing sites that specialize in vintage real estate.

We’re fans of Old House Dreams (thanks to Newburgh Restoration for bringing to our attention, lo those months ago), which is searchable by state, among other criteria, and has nice big juicy photos to catch your eye.

We learned of another site, Historic Properties, just the other day. Although it’s not as easily searchable and the photos are small, it still has a magnificent supply of houses, each one enticing. Our favorite this week: a stone lodge in Elizabethtown.

Anybody have sites to recommend, the best places on the web to find historic, old, vintage or otherwise non-new houses?

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