The Dangers of Shoddy Cell Phone Service

  |  May 14, 2012

Madeleine and Arthur Morris

The big, sad Catskills news this past weekend was about an elderly couple, Arthur and Madeleine Morris, 88 and 89 respectively, who died when their car slid off an embankment near their vacation home in Andes. They were only a short distance from home, and they tried to make emergency cell phone calls nine times. But because cell phone reception is so poor in many parts of the Catskills, they were never able to get through. Indeed, this Forbes map lists Andes as a “cellphone-free vacation spot.”

Many folks have complained about the difficulty in getting decent cell phone service or Internet upstate, although that’s precisely what draws others to the region. But it’s something to investigate one way or another before you buy. Here’s a very informative post about what’s available in the western Catskills, to guide you in your search.

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