The Future of Upstate New York Is Yogurt

  |  August 16, 2012

We’ve read a lot of stories about how successful the upstate New York Chobani yogurt factory is — jobs, fame, good taste. Yogurt is so good for New York State’s economy, in fact, that the government held a yogurt summit this week.

“Mr. Cuomo praised the yogurt industry’s growth as ‘staggering’ and ‘unbelievable’,” wrote the NY Times. “29 yogurt plants, up from 14 in 2000; 1.2 billion pounds of milk used annually; 8,070 people employed. Chobani, for example, which started in 2005 with 5 employees, now has 1,200 in New York State.”

We have always thought the best thing for the depressed agricultural areas of upstate New York would be marijuana farming, but apparently that’s still illegal. So: who’s up for dairy farming? Here’s a list of farms for sale in case you’re interested.

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