The Relocators: Making a List

  |  August 13, 2013

I know I’m jumping the gun a bit, but the time is fast approaching that Mark and I will be looking for a house to buy. We have an 18-month lease on our current home in Beacon so our lease is up in May 2014.


BUT…we are seriously considering the purchase of a home that needs some fixing up. So it won’t be “move in ready” when we close on it. Depending on how long it takes for us to find a house we love, how long it will take to close on the house, and how much renovation work it needs, we figure we might need to start looking in late fall.

It’s tough to purchase a home covered in snow. It’s tougher to renovate that home. So my estimations may be way off base. But you have to start somewhere and we won’t know “what’s what” until we begin the process.

Our List

We still aren’t sure if we want to live “in-town” or in the country. There are negative and positive aspects to both. So it will probably end up being one of those things where “we’ll know it when we see it.”

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If we aren’t sure about proximity/distance to a nice town, city or hamlet…what are we sure of? We’ve started a list. We know we want to live in or near a nice town that offers many of the things we find most important to us. So far, we know that city/town needs to have a walkable downtown and is within a 10-15 drive of a great farmers market. This list will definitely grow. But in the meantime, what would be on YOUR list?

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