The Relocators: Obercreek Farm CSA

  |  June 13, 2013

Obercreek Farm CSAWhen Mark and I moved to the Hudson Valley, one of the first things we knew we’d do is join a CSA. If you’re uncertain what a CSA is, it stands for Community Supported Agriculture and you can find one to join (nationwide) via this site or specific to the Hudson Valley via this site. If you haven’t already joined, it may be too late this growing season. But definitely write on your calendar to start looking around in January or February. Some even have early signup bonuses if you sign up at the END of one season for the next. Just check around to see. (more after the jump)

Why We Joined a CSA

There are so many reasons why we were eager to join a CSA: to circumvent all the shenanigans going on with GMO’s, to support local farmers, to eat as healthy as possible, and to eat good food. The link I provided at explains how joining a CSA benefits the farmer and you.

Since we’re new to the Hudson Valley and didn’t belong to a CSA while living in Brooklyn, we weren’t sure which CSA to join. We only knew that we wanted one convenient to Beacon. So we poked around and found Obercreek Farm. From the Obercreek Farm’s website:

Obercreek Farm was formed with the commitment to grow sustainable, fresh vegetables for Beacon, Wappingers Falls, Fishkill, and nearby Hudson Valley communities. Tim and Sam are passionate about quality work, nourishing food, and healthy soils. They grow on five outside acres, in addition to their four Passive Solar Greenhouses, or High Tunnels. Sam and Tim use these High Tunnels to extend their season to produce vegetables year-round.

We chose Obercreek because they are brand new and we wanted to support them. So new in fact that this year (their first year) they needed to partner with another farm to provide the shares for the CSA while they readied their soils for next year’s crop.

Our lovely haul

Bok choy

Picking up our share

The share

Sam Wildfong of Obercreek Farm and her sister-in-law Rebecca

What We Got

Being new, we were uncertain how much food comes in a share. Since there is only two of us, we decided to purchase a half share at only $375 for the season. With a half-share, you pick up every other week from June 5th – October 30th.

Since a picture tells a thousand words, take a look at some of the photos from yesterday’s pickup. Along with the share, we also got to go into the fields and pick some sugar snap peas. 🙂

Row of sugar snap peas Picking some sugar snap peas Pesticide-Free zone

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