The Relocators: Woodstock Drumming Circle

  |  April 16, 2013

Mark and I visited Woodstock this Sunday to attend a drumming circle they have on the Village Green. You can see a video from last year about the weekly event.

It was still a little chilly outside so attendance was pretty small. But from the video, it looks like things really pick up when the weather gets warmer. The drumming circle is from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm every Sunday. During the cooler months they hold it indoors, so apparently it is a year-round thing.

The experience was just as you’d expect to find in Woodstock – free, fun and loose. Many people got up and danced. People were able to move in and out of the circle since some drums were provided. Seating is limited right now so as the weather warms up, you might want to bring your own chair. But definitely go and visit. It’s a lot of laid back fun.


more photos on the jump.

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