The Weekenders: Renovation Remnants

  |  June 7, 2013
Kenmore range

70’s era range we removed from the kitchen


This past week, the final pieces were completed on our renovation.  We were waiting on some backordered lights, and we finally found a solution for the master bathroom vanity top that we’re happy with.   During the renovation, we removed a bunch of stuff from both of the bathrooms we had redone and from the kitchen in the apartment upstairs.  A lot of the stuff we took out was old and not working and/or ugly, so it got taken to the dump.   The town inspector salvaged  some cabinets, some paneling and some wood, and our contractor built a crib from wood he took up from the hall floor – so some stuff did get re-used.

But there were a few items that were still in good working order, or not damaged or were nice, but just didn’t fit into the style of what we did.  We didn’t want to just throw this perfectly good stuff away, so instead, we stuck it in the barn with the intention to sell it or give it away, where it’s been sitting for the past three months.

We haven’t had great luck in getting rid of stuff using the normal means – namely online listings like Craigslist.   We aren’t on a main road, so a yard sale won’t bring many potential buyers.   Maybe at some point, we’ll try to organize a town sale or swap meet that would be held each year and everyone could plan on bringing all of the stuff they want to get rid of so they can sell it to their neighbors.

But in the mean time, here are a few things that we’re trying to sell and/or get rid of:

The Kenmore electric range, model number #6286427910 (pictured above).  This range is in great shape, works perfectly, and also has a matching extractor range hood.  We decided to make the kitchen upstairs a really simple guest kitchen with just a two burner stove top and a microwave and toaster oven, and this range didn’t fit the plans.  You can still get parts for these ranges at Sears if anything ever breaks.  It is definitely of an era, but if you’re looking to furnish the kitchen of your 1970’s era modern country ranch, this might just be the range for you!


The solid surface double sink vanity top:


 It’s 61 inches  long by 22 1/4 inches wide.  This was in the master bathroom, but we decided to only have a single sink and use the extra space for making a shower stall, so this had to go.  It has a sticker on the back for Taylor Industries, so I think that it is Tere-Stone or something similar.  It’s solid white with a four inch backsplash and four inch center holes for fixtures, along with soap dispensers.  It’s in really good condition (it’s dirty in the photo) without any scrapes, chips or scratches.

Three big bevel edged mirrors:   Sizes 70×24, 60×60, 60×42.  These are in great condition – a few blemishes on the edges, but no scratches or scrapes on the fronts.


The hunter green Viking dishwasher:


This isn’t from the renovation per-se, but is something that’s in the barn that we also need to get rid of, but can’t bring ourselves to take to the dump or the scrap yard just yet.    This was in the main kitchen when we bought the house, but unlike the other things, we took this out because it quit working, after months of only sort of working.  We paid to have the appliance service people come out to the house to tell us that the motor burned out, but they could get the part to fix it. It would have cost around $400 just for the part, and the labor would be extra.  So we bought a new GE dishwasher for less than what it would cost for us to fix it.   We would gladly give this to someone who wants to try to fix it and get it running again (besides  the burnt our motor, the timer doesn’t always work correctly) or wants to use if for parts or art or anything.  Otherwise, to the scrap yard it goes.

If it weren’t for the fact that we’re using the barn for our wedding this summer these things would probably still be in the there – one of the dangers of having a lot of storage space.  But for the past few weekends, besides doing outside yard work and gardening, we’ve been cleaning and organizing the barn.  This means it’s time for this stuff to go.

Have any Upstater readers tried organizing something like a town yard sale or swap meet with any success?   Any suggestions for places to donate goods if we don’t end up selling them?  Anyone with any stories about what you did with items you took out of your house after a renovation?

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