This Week on Upstater: All Around Albany and Troy

Come with us as we take a trip north on the I-87 Thruway to that state capital and its cross-river neighbor, the city of Troy…

Albany and Troy are underrated. Last year, we enumerated some of those reasons here with regards to Troy, and we also love Albany for many of the same reasons. Beautiful, historic buildings, charming parks and public spaces, museums, galleries, good food, outdoor markets, live music, theater…you get the idea. They’re cities, so they’ve got stuff.

However, they exist juuuuuust far enough off of our Catskill/mid-to-lower Hudson Valley-centric radar that we often forget exactly how good the real estate offerings can be in Albany and Troy. Like vintage brick rowhouses with updated interiors? Check. Like Victorians with fancy woodwork? Check. Like a sturdy Craftsman with built-in storage galore? Another check. The inventory is varied and vast right now.

Furthermore, if you like your real estate to run on the inexpensive side, you’re in luck. Both Albany and Troy offer a cornucopia of affordable real estate choices, many of those listings look almost too good to be true. Are they true? That’s for you to determine with the real estate agent, but after looking at the listings and visiting the two cities, we see potential.

albany troy

The Egg, Albany, via Wikipedia

The two cities have suffered their share of ups and downs, as many Hudson River communities have over the years. Still, there’s a sense of community in these places, a real interest in seeing them succeed. If you’ve ever been to the Troy Farmers Market on a Saturday in the summer, you know what we’re talking about. If you’ve ever wandered around Albany’s Empire Plaza or caught a show at The Egg, you know what we’re talking about.

If you haven’t done those things, you should plan to, because we think you’ll want to after you see what’s in store for this week on Upstater.

Stay tuned…

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